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The primacy of pragmatics over lexical knowledge in young children's reference resolution. Developmental Science. Moll, H. Social cognition in the second year of life. German Eds.

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Does sympathy motivate prosocial behaviour in great apes? Chimpanzee helping is real, not a byproduct. Cognitive Linguistics, 25 3 Costly culture: Differences in nut-cracking efficiency between wild chimpanzee groups.

Toddlers help a peer. Boesch, C. Developmental Science, 21 5 : e British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 35 2 Funwi-Gabga, N.

The development of pericardial villi in the chick embryo | springerlink

To bet or not to bet? Kalan, A. Social development. Great apes are sensitive to prior reliability of an informant in a gaze following task.

Howard, A. Journal of Comparative Psychology. Carducci, P.

A top German court has ruled that it is still lawful for poultry and egg producers to kill unwanted male chicks. Lieven, E.

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Priming the comprehension of German object relative clauses. Familiar verbs are not always easier than novel verbs: How german pre-school children comprehend active and passive sentences.

Coordination in conflict situations: A comparative investigation of loojing coordination strategies that children, chimpanzees and bonobos use to solve situations of conflict. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 51 Cognitive Development, 39 Swiss Journal of Psychology, 73 1 The relationship between infant holdout and gives, and pointing. In Bonobos: Unique in mind, brain and behavior pp.

Decision-making under risk in non-human primates. Fuentes Ed. Evolutionary Anthropology, 25 5 Over, H. escorte lesbienne

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The development of prosocial attention across two cultures. Buttelmann, D.

Child Development Perspectives, 12 3 Sensitivity to relational similarity and object similarity in apes and children. Sex differences in the development of social relationships in rhesus macaques Newcastle escourts mulatta.

When the social context changes: Social inhibition and fission-fusion dynamics. Koymen, B.

Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien. Cognitive Development, 48 Malaria Journal, 13 : Ontogenetic constraints on Paul Grice's theory of communication.

Journal of Human Evolution, Vip escorts denver, 44 S1 Field and laboratory methods in animal cognition: A comparative guide. Motive for young children's developing concern for others' well-Being as a core motive for developing prosocial behavior. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40 : e Animal Cognition, 21 4 A field experiment on the kinematics of hammer-lifting movements in chiick nut-cracking Tai chimpanzees.

Lewis, A. Martin Ordas, G.

Young children's creation and transmission of social norms.