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Benefits Of Lithium-Ion Deep Cycle Battery

New batteries have been developed to power front loads, pallet trucks, forklift trucks, access trucks, stacks, and order selectors in recent years. Aside from their initial cost being higher than a conventional lead-acid battery, it is essential to note that the reduction in the acquisition costs exceeded all professional forecasts.

So, Lithium-Ion deep cycle battery is now more affordable but is the investment worth it?

What is Meant by a Lithium-Ion battery?

Li-Ion batteries are based on certified lithium-iron-phosphate technology. An essential benefit of care is to ensure good performance at all operating temperatures, even in cold rooms.

Lithium-ion batteries are characterized by higher energy density than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Record Production with Lithium-Ion

One of the main advantages of li-ion batteries is the significant increase in overall production. This is because these batteries are designed for heavy use, for example, in the operation of two shifts, which means performing continuous work without replacing the batteries in the same forklift truck. This saves time and has ergonomic benefits for your employees who avoid carrying batteries when they reach their full potential!

Not only do li-ion batteries allow you to cover maximum use, but they also support medium backup loads or proper charging. Its high density allows lithium-ion batteries to be more compact than others.

  • Within 40 minutes of charging, 60% of the total value is recovered.
  • Within 1 hour of charging, complete charging can be achieved.

In short: lithium-ion batteries are especially suitable for heavy-duty use, can recharge very quickly and withstand moderate charge. Benefits that guarantee high productivity!

Energy Efficiency Which is Never Seen with Li-Ion Technology

The second distinct advantage of these lithium batteries is their reduced power consumption. Li-ion batteries use 30% less energy than most conventional batteries with lead-acid. So, the best on the planet is also the best in your bag!best deep cycle system battery

Zero Battery Maintenance

This means that the purchase price of the lithium-ion battery for your forklift truck will be higher than that of a standard battery. However, you can be sure of one thing, and you will get rid of all maintenance costs. Lithium-ion deep cycle battery usually has no maintenance!

Longer Than the Average Life Expectancy

The final advantage of these batteries is that their lifespan is guaranteed by 2500 charge cycles. Depending on usage, this lifetime can be doubled. This is a few times greater than the lifespan of other lead-acid batteries.

Applications for li-ion batteries

Li-ion battery technology offers a new way of thinking about “power” and “flow” in storage.

Energy and Productivity

The high performance of li-ion batteries makes them suitable for all applications. While older lead-acid technologies quickly reach their limit, e.g., high power requirements or the use of multiple shifts without changing the battery. The li-ion battery contains double the power at the same volume, resulting in reduced battery changes, more significant savings, and simpler infrastructure.


Lithium-ion batteries allow for the complete elimination of electrolyte adjustment and compliant H&S requirements, which ensures the customer operates tirelessly.


This change brings more comfort and relaxation to their daily activities for employees. Instead of removing discarded batteries from their MHE, connect them to a dedicated charging station and leave them connected for more than six hours while monitoring their pure water levels. They can now be easily charged with a simple external access plug.

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